Fundraising for BOC

We can use your help!

Many wonderful people have offered to help us fundraise and we appreciate every offer!

  • If you would like to fundraise for BOC, please contact us prior to beginning your fundraiser so we know what you are doing and can answer questions if we are asked

  • Because we are a non-profit we have to follow guidelines set by the state of Utah and the IRS

  • Our logo was created with much love and we don't want to see it squashed or discolored! If you want to fundraise, we are happy to share files with you so everything looks great for your project!

  • Before posting any photos of your project at Bear-O Care, please send them to us for approval. Our clients have particular rules about privacy and having their photos posted so we want to respect their wishes

  • Thank you for your willingness to help....from recreational activities, supplies, supplemented care and more, every bit helps!

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Thank You!