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At Bear-O Care, we believe in getting individuals with multiple disabilities out and into the community, interacting with each other and enjoying themselves. Our facility is open, bright, and calming. Our programs are designed to revolve around the needs of individuals & families by including parents, siblings and educators in our plans for day to day care. Our day program services are designed primarily to support those who are medically intensive: diapered, wheelchair-bound, non-verbal, tube-fed, or require assistance with their activities of daily living. 


For all programs, your child/adult must be comfortable in a group setting. We are not able to provide "strong-armed" interventions/behavioral support and cannot tolerate aggressive behavior. For a better idea of who we are designed to serve, click here. We offer the following programs: 


 OVERNIGHT RESPITE SESSIONS on an individuals basis

Scroll down to read more about each program

DAY SUPPORT Contracted by DSPD, we offer day services Monday-Friday from 730am-330pm for individuals ages 18+ with multiple disabilities throughout the year. With approval, we will work with your child's past educators and therapists to provide the most consistent care possible. Interested in attending? Talk to your support coordinator or contact us for an intake assessment! DSG/DSP/DSI codes available and we now have a wheelchair accessible van for transportation! Check out our calendar to see our schedule.

'TAKE A BREAK' SESSIONS: Do you need a break? On various Saturday afternoons or evenings, we offer care for your child ages 2+ with multiple disabilities. Bring your child in for sensory activities, games, crafts, music, or just quiet enjoyment. We change diapers, do tube-feedings, and have an RN or LPN onsite for help with seizure monitoring and other medical issues. For a one-stop location, bring their siblings ages 2-12. RP2, RP3, SLN and PM2 codes as well as self-pay options are available. We must have 3 individuals sign up to keep the session from cancelling. This should be returning in Fall 2017. 

AFTER SCHOOL CARE FOR KSHS or JORDAN SCHOOL DISTRICT STUDENTS: Are you worried about being home in time to meet the bus? With arrangements, buses from KSHS/JSD can make a stop at Bear-O Care after school. Our staff will greet your child, give them a chance to chill, or entertain them with activities until you get there. Sign ups are NOW OPEN for August-September. We are open until 6pm, Monday-Friday. To register, click here

OVERNIGHT RESPITE CARE: When is the last time you took a vacation? Or a night off? As parents of an 18 year old who is deaf/blind and medically intense, we are passionate about helping you to get a break. We are slowly opening up overnight respite services on a case-by-case basis. Individuals who are intensely medical/complete care are encouraged to contact us-we will consider everyone! Contact us for more information and let us know what you need!

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