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If you have a client that is interested in attending BOC, please contact us via email at

  • To allow time for staff and clients to get to know one another, we try to accept new clients on a staggered basis (i.e. we try to start 2-3 new clients at the beginning of each month, although individual circumstances may vary)

  • We are not approved for BCA codes and do not have a behavior specialist on staff. Please read about who we serve if you have any questions.

  • If we seem like a good fit, we are happy to arrange a visit with the caregiver(s) and the client. This can be brief, but we would like to meet the client before determining if BOC is the appropriate setting and it is good for the client to be able to visit while other clients and staff are there.

  • If the client, caregiver and BOC staff agree that BOC is an appropriate setting, we will provide the caregiver with paperwork for intake at, or right after the initial visit and schedule an intake meeting with the caregiver and support coordinator. 

  • Intake paperwork should be brought to that meeting. This gives us adequate time to prepare staff, make adjustments for transportation, or clarify any questions that anyone may have. 

  • During the intake meeting, we will work together to determine a start date, time, length of day, and transportation for the client. 

  • Without exception, the intake paperwork must be turned in prior to attendance. This is a safety issue and required for our staff to know how to help the client.

We are always striving to improve our process-please let us know what we can do to make it easier for you! Thank you!

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