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Bear-O Care Day Support Services

Find out about who we serve at Bear-O Care.


Day support services run Monday-Friday 730am-330pm. We are open year round with a few exceptions.

Our services start with the individual and always include family and caregivers. Every day provides opportunities for getting out of wheelchairs, working muscles, exercising independence, choosing activities, receiving sensory input, working on feeding or other activities of daily living, and relaxing. We strive to offer transition time, and work at the pace of the individual. 


For 18+ years, these individuals had goals that educators worked hard to accomplish. Why should adulthood be any different? We work to set goals that are important to the person, giving them the greatest sense of happiness and accomplishment. We assist in the acquisition of "pre-employment discovery" according to the desire of the individual.

Prior to COVID-19, community outings included going to the Days of 47 Parade Float display, Pedersens Market, McDonalds, Costco, Walmart, Festival of Trees, Bluffdale park, library, seeing movies and partnering with Old Navy in Mountain View Village for a fashion show! Wherever we go, we make sure individuals participate to the best of their ability. 

Want to learn more? Contact us regarding attendance at Bear-O Care!

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