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2022 Board of Directors

Michael Braga-Executive Director

Trudi O'Brien-Manager

Michael Lloyd, MD-Medical Advisor

Jenifer Lloyd-Legal Advisor

Greg Cantrell-Parent Representative

Neil Mahoney-Finance Advisor

Ruth Braga MSN, RN- Director of Nursing & Policy

Michael Braga, Executive Director

Mike is a father first and foremost. He & his wife Ruth adopted his oldest son Brandon (a.k.a. Bear) at one week old, who has CHARGE syndrome and that changed his life. Michael earned his BS in Recreation from the University of Utah. He is completing his masters degree in Communication Disorders. Prior to working in blind education and special education, he spent 15 years working in management and customer service. He also worked as a Nursing Assistant in an adult care facility. Mike wants to share his passion for working with those who have disabilities with other adults and future educators. Knowing how hard it can be for families and caregivers to find care he wanted to create something that would help others and bring them together. Se habla espanol!


Trudi O'Brien, Manager

Trudi was born and raised in Bountiful, Utah as the middle child in a family of 14 children. She raised 4 kids: one with high functioning autism, and another, bipolar disorder. Working as an aide, she discovered she wanted a deeper understanding on how communication works with those individuals who can’t talk. She began Intervener training in 2008. Trudi is one of 5 nationally credentialed Interveners in the state of Utah. She enjoys working with those who are deaf/blind and loves the challenge of finding that certain way they make their communication work. She is continuing her studies at Utah State University and will soon graduate with an Associates Degree in General Education with an emphasis on Communication Disorders. She is thrilled to be the Manager of Bear-O Care and have the opportunity to be the change that she has always wanted to see in the system.

Ruth Braga MSN, RN 

Director of Nursing & Policy

Ruth is a nurse, wife & mom to Brandon, Mindy and Nicholas. She has a BA in Family & Human Developmental Studies from the University of Utah, an Associates in Nursing from CCAC and Masters in Nurse Education from Drexel University. She is the designer/author of the policies and procedures for BOC. As a nurse she has worked in pediatric home care, inpatient and rehab facilities as well as the operating room. For 5 years, she led clinicals for Westminster College's School of Nursing and currently works at University of Utah Hospital as a Trauma & Injury Prevention Outreach Coordinator. She, Mike and Mindy are also the founders of KSHS Super Incredible Brothers & Sisters.

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