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Infant/Toddler Services

As parents, we know that it is nearly impossible to find a community-based care center that will take a child with a feeding tube or other complex medical need. 


Our goal is to change that...

Our trained caregivers will confidently care for your child as you attend a class, go to work, make an appointment for yourself/your other children or just take a break. Are you struggling to work and keep up with in-home early intervention worker appointments? Guess what? They can come and work with your child at Bear-O Care and communicate with you via phone or email. We take the goals and plans that you make together and implement them. Your little one can socialize and play with others to the best of their ability. 

We currently have openings for 1 child, ages 0-4 who are g-tube fed or otherwise have medical issues that may prevent them from attending a regular daycare. Cost varies but does not exceed $40/day. Contact us for hourly or part time requests. We also accept DSPD funding and may have scholarship options.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us. We can schedule an intake and coordinate with any of your early intervention specialists. We want to help families be able to provide for themselves and have respite opportunities. 

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